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British low fare airline based out of Gatwick Airport

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With our innovative operations center, Duo Airways Virtual soars to the height of the greatest virtual airline in the world.

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Crew Briefing

These documents are automatically created with fuel calculations, based on real ATS-routes with correct max/min and odd/even flight levels for all airways etc


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Friendly Community

In our community we have prosessional staff, friendly pilots, and fun Facebook groups.

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Recent Flights

Airline Pilot Flight # Departure Arrival Equipment Flight Time
0002 VB997 EGKK LIRF B737-800 01.50 Hour/s
0002 VB20 EGKK KBOS B737-800 07.06 Hour/s
0003 VB5431 LFBH EGKK B737-800 01.20 Hour/s
0002 VB5431 LFBH EGKK B737-800 01.10 Hour/s
0003 VB183 UKLL EGKK B737-800 02.36 Hour/s
0004 VB050M EGKK LQSA B737-800 2.30 Hour/s
0004 VB55 EGKK GCTS B737-800 04.18 Hour/s

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Recent News

Welcome to Duo

Posted by phpVMS Installer on 05/30/2016

Duo Airways is a new and exciting Virtual Airline that focuses primarily on economical travel. Based out of London Gatwick we fly to a variety of destinations. Why not be a part of our journey...
Duo Airways is in the final stages of development and we are currently looking for staff. We ask that you approach us via e-mail: thomas.boscherini@hotmail.it

The current Vacancies are:
Chief Personnel Officer
Chief PR Officer
Chief Standards Office

All that is required before you are one of the team is a little chat via E-mail etc just so we can explain the positions and see if you still wish to be a part of our fantastic team!

Kind Regards,


Statistic Value
Total Pilots: 8
Total Routes: 56
Total Flights: 11
Flights Today: 0
Total Hours: 26:39:00
Total Fuel Used: 166135
Total Miles Flown 9614

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Airline Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

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